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Terms and Conditions

Haunted Heritage Terms and Conditions


Age restrictions:

Paranormal Events/ Evenings – NO persons under 18 are permitted.

Ghost Walks – All attendee’s must be 16 years and over to attend our ghost Walks.

Psychic Table Nights – All attendees must be 16 years old to attend.


NO Alcohol Policy:

If anyone arrives under the influence of alcohol or drugs and is suspected of bringing alcoholic drinks to the event, they will be asked to leave immediately. No refunds will be given.



Certain locations are not suitable for customers with disabilities.  At Haunted Heritage, we value all our customers and aim to make as many of our events as accessible as possible. Still, unfortunately, due to the conditions of some of the venues, this is not always feasible, and we have to ensure that your safety is paramount. 

For further information, please call us; we will gladly advise. Tel: 07340 239294


Pregnant Women:

It is NOT advisable to attend our events due to restrictions at our locations. (Except for Psychic Nights)



Persons of a nervous nature or anyone suffering from a heart condition are advised NOT to attend.


Own Risk:

All clients who attend Haunted Heritage events do so at their own risk.  Haunted Heritage accepts no liability for any accident/incident/injury to a customer however it may be caused.



Haunted Heritage will not be liable for any damage or loss to property and personal equipment either on the journey to the event, during, or on the journey back home. This also includes any damage that any spiritual or poltergeist activity may cause during the event resulting in injury to yourself or your clothing due to paranormal activity.



Haunted Heritage attempts to foresee potential problems or hazards and carry out a full risk assessment to eliminate them before the event. However, accidents can still happen due to the nature of the events and locations.



We encourage all our customers to own third-party public liability insurance. Although Haunted Heritage has its own public liability insurance, some of our policies may not be covered because some location boundaries are beyond the usual public access categories.


No Guarantee:

Haunted Heritage accepts no responsibility if minimal or no activity is experienced at an event. (This does not include Psychic Table Nights)


Behaviour Policy:

Haunted Heritage has a strict BEHAVIOUR POLICY: Aggressive, Rude and Threatening behaviour towards any staff member, Person(s) and or Guests attending any event will not be tolerated. Any Guest(s) Persons(s) displaying any behaviour that is deemed unacceptable will be removed from the event. No Refunds will be given.


Smoking Policy:

We do NOT allow smoking indoors and do not bring any naked flames to the events. This includes candles and matches.  Smokers only smoke in designated smoking areas.



Haunted Heritage will endeavour to offer a psychic element to all our events through the use of mediums & psychics. However, there may be occasions where this is impossible or stipulated. (NOT  reference to Psychic Table Nights)


Psychic Beliefs:

During these events, mediums & psychics can only offer you their perspective, which should be considered when deciphering information.  You are responsible for making your own decisions about what you are experiencing and acting according to your own beliefs, not the beliefs of others. There are no guarantees about what truth is and what may be an offered opinion.


Use of Cameras and Filming:

Cameras, filming and recording equipment are permitted at our events but are subject to limitations. Any footage caught is deemed for personal use and not for public view. At the start of the event, you will need to let a member of the Haunted Heritage team know that you will be using video or audio equipment so they can advise other guests so they are aware and have the choice to be excluded. You’ll also need to seek consent from Haunted Heritage by email before releasing any audio or visual footage into the public domain, including Facebook and personal websites. This is to ensure that our guests, events and our locations are not compromised in any way. Failure to comply with this could lead to legal action being taken. You may be asked to sign a document during your event, and some locations have limitations for filming to ensure the enjoyment of all guests.


Our Media:

By Booking with Haunted Heritage Events, you agree that Haunted Heritage can use all footage and pictures taken during the event.



Ghost Walks Haunted Heritage reserves the right to cancel an event in severe adverse weather conditions.  As much notice as possible will be given to guests before travelling to the event.  However, if the weather is such that any member of the Haunted Heritage Team cannot reach the event, then Haunted Heritage will deem the event to be inaccessible and therefore cancelled.  This may happen as late as guests travelling en route to the event.  Haunted Heritage will, however, endeavour to ensure that this is the last option taken and will always work towards the event going ahead as planned. You are responsible for bringing suitable clothing to match the weather conditions for the time of year for ANY event booked, whether undercover OR in the open air.


Medical/Medical Conditions:

  1. Haunted Heritage will have a qualified First Aider on all events
  2. Pregnancy – Due to restrictions at our locations, it is advisable that pregnant women do not attend our events. (Except Psychic Table Nights)
  3. Epilepsy- And Solo Guests: If your seizures are controlled, this would mean (you have been seizure free for 12 months), and then guests are allowed to attend our events as solo guests. If you have not been seizure free for 12 months, you MUST attend with a friend or family member.
  4. Other Medical conditions: If you have any other need that you feel we should know, then please get in touch with us before booking