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September 2024
The Commandery Ghost Hunt

Paranormal Investigations

The Commandery Ghost Hunt – 14th September 2024

Starts: 14th September, 2024 @ 20:00
Ends: 15th September, 2024 @ 01:00

The Commandery Ghost Hunt

The Commandery is a Grade 1 listed building, making it one of Worcester’s most important historical sites. Set in the heart of historic Worcester, it’s most famous for being the Royalist Headquarters during the deciding battle of the English Civil War – the Battle of Worcester 1651, a pivotal moment in the English Civil War, Built on an early medieval chapel site, the Commandery has also been a monastic hospital, family home, and college for the blind. What of the spirit that still resides there? Staff have reported hearing doors close independently and feeling followed in the corridors. A ghostly monk has also been seen walking across the Minstrel Gallery. Be careful where you stand near the Preacher room, as guests have heard a woman sobbing and a long period of whispers!! The list of paranormal phenomena goes on…