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What to expect

Ghost Walks

This 2-hour guided ghost walk. You will be accompanied on the walk by a medium, historian and have the opportunity to use ghost detection equipment. Guests will also have the added opportunity to participate in a short group investigation session. This is very unique experience.

Paranormal Investigations

This is a 5–hour event at night time. The team will take you on a ghost hunters journey where you will be a key part of the investigation. Carrying out experiments, tests, calling out sessions or quiet sit and wait sessions. You will get a full hands-on experience. This is very much your investigation, so be prepared to join in. The team will be on hand to advise, support and encourage you to get the most out of your ghostly experience. This event is a full-on experience of ghost hunting.

Psychic Table Nights

Our family of psychics and mediums will provide short taster readings throughout the evening, then at the end you will have the opportunity to book in for a personal reading with the mediums. If you are looking for a friendly, relaxing, social evening out then this would be ideal.

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