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September 2024
Highbury Hall

Paranormal Investigations

Highbury Hall, Birmingham – 20th September 2024

Starts: 20th September, 2024 @ 20:00
Ends: 21st September, 2024 @ 01:00

Brave the night at this Haunted Historic Hall

Exclusive to Haunted Heritage Highbury Hall, was built in 1878-9 for MP Joseph Chamberlain. It was a popular location for social and political gatherings from 1888 onwards. After Joseph Chamberlain’s death in 1914, the house ceased to be a family home and became an Auxiliary Hospital for treating wounded soldiers, with a particular focus on orthopedic cases, in May 1915. During World War I, Highbury Hall served as a hospital annex and home for disabled soldiers. Austen Chamberlain, Joseph’s elder son, gave the property to trustees in 1919, and it was subsequently passed to the Corporation of Birmingham in 1932. Most of Highbury’s grounds were turned into a public park soon after.


October 2024
Ghost Hunt – Selly Manor

Paranormal Investigations

Ghost Hunt – Selly Manor – 12th October 2024

Starts: 12th October, 2024 @ 19:30
Ends: 13th October, 2024 @ 12:30

Ghost Hunt – Selly Manor

Exclusive to Haunted Heritage Birmingham Selly Manor. Ghost Hunt at the magnificent Selly Manor. Whose spirits with you discover within it’s walls? What secrets do the ghosts of Selly Manor House have to share? Does the spirit of George Cadbury reside here? Visitors and adventurers alike are drawn to Selly Manor, lured by its promise of a rendezvous with the unknown. Is it the residual energy of those who once called this place home that lingers, or something else entirely? The boundaries of reality blur, and the past converges with the present in an intricate dance of shadows and light. With ample ghostly sightings and paranormal activity, we know this is an exciting venue and we hope that you will join us to find out more!