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What is ‘A Ghost’?

What is a ghost? It seems a good place to start our blog.

Because did you know that the word ghost can have a very broad meaning.

It doesn’t just mean a full apparition.  Having a ghostly experience could involve any of our  senses. Yes, if you’re lucky you might see something, however, it could also mean hearing something – footsteps or a voice, feeling someone touch you, items moving, even a scent that is associated with a person.

Places can be haunted, items and even people can have attachments. Trapped energy can cause ghostly experiences, for example, if someone dies suddenly – their energy is said to sometimes be trapped.

Do we imagine them?  Certainly if recently bereaved we are more sensitive to the possibility. Or is it our mind playing tricks?

There are numerous theories on life and time itself.  Is time linear and everything is happening at the same time and somehow things, voices cross over time?

Could time somehow be footprinted on a location?

The theory is that energy does not die but changes form.

So why do we look for ghosts?

Maybe you like a good old ghost story, maybe you want to prove something either way? For some, it is a comfort – knowing that their loved ones live on, or perhap it  helps ourselves deal with the one certain thing in life – our own mortality. Are you curious as to what happens after we’ve left this life?  Maybe you just like the adrenaline rush of being scared.

Will we ever prove that spirits exist? Scientists, inventors and us investigators get closer all the time, but will we ever really know? What is ‘a ghost’ to you? From the bible to Macbeth to A Chrstmas Carol – there have been countless ‘ghost stories’.

Join us and find out what yours will be.