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The Grand Pavilion

About The Grand Pavilion

Amidst the beauty of Matlock Bath in the UK, stands ‘the Pav’ (as this building is known locally) – the Grand Pavilion. A silent sentinel of forgotten elegance, its opulence is now veiled in an air of unsettling mystery. Once a beacon of revelry and celebration, this majestic structure now stands as a relic of time’s inexorable passage, its corridors echoing with secrets that refuse to be ignored.

Within its hallowed halls, the whispers of past soirées and lively gatherings still linger. The ballroom, a cavernous space once alive with music and laughter, now lies in hushed anticipation, as if the echoes of waltzing couples and joyous chatter persist, caught in an endless loop of spectral festivity. Venture deeper into the heart of the pavilion, and you may stumble upon hidden chambers and alcoves, each holding their own enigmatic tales.

On the darkest of nights, when the moon’s glow is swallowed by shadow, the Grand Pavilion takes on a spectral brilliance. The rustling of leaves, the distant murmur of the river, and the ethereal whispers of a bygone age converge in an eerie symphony that seems to pierce the veil between the tangible and the otherworldly.

So, if you dare, step into the enigma of the Grand Pavilion. Allow its mysteries to unfold around you, to weave a tapestry of the supernatural and the unexplained. For within its ornate halls and shadowy corners, the past refuses to remain buried, offering glimpses into a world where time itself is a phantom, and the present merges with the enigmatic echoes of history.

The Grand Pavilion

South Parade, Matlock Bath

Upcoming Events at The Grand Pavilion

Ghost Hunt – Matlock Pavilion

Ghost Hunt – Matlock Pavilion – 26th April 2024

Starts: 26th April, 2024 @ 20:00
Ends: 27th April, 2024 @ 01:00
Ghost Hunt – Matlock Pavilion

Ghost Hunt – Matlock Pavilion – 11th October 2024

Starts: 11th October, 2024 @ 20:00
Ends: 12th October, 2024 @ 01:00
Ghost Hunt – Matlock Pavilion

Ghost Hunt – Matlock Pavilion – 10th February 2024

Starts: 10th February, 2024 @ 19:45
Ends: 11th February, 2024 @ 01:00