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National Justice Museum

About National Justice Museum

The Shire Hall and County Gaol, the Galleries of Justice- the National Justice Museum has gone by a different name over its long history, which dates to at least 1375. Men, women, and children were imprisoned and hanged here. Many people lost their lives here undeservedly, young, and old. They are steeped in tales of punishment, mystery, and the unknown. Evidence of paranormal activity is rife. Ghosts have been seen not only by staff but also by visiting guests during the day. Strange cries have also been heard- the cries of those found guilty of past crimes. Visitors have had to leave due to feeling pressure around their necks. Others have reported feeling a clamminess, followed by extreme cold. Walk through dimly lit dungeons and echoing cells, where every step sends shivers down your spine. Feel the temperature drop and the presence of the spectral energy that permeates the air. Step into the shoes of those who once faced judgment within these walls. Awaken the presence  of the unseen and embrace the extraordinary within the National Justice Museum.

National Justice Museum

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National Justice Museum

National Justice Museum – 23rd November 2024

Starts: 23rd November, 2024 @ 21:00
Ends: 24th November, 2024 @ 02:00
National Justice Museum

National Justice Museum – 17th August 2024

Starts: 17th August, 2024 @ 21:00
Ends: 18th August, 2024 @ 02:00
National Justice Museum

National Justice Museum – 27th April 2024

Starts: 27th April, 2024 @ 21:00
Ends: 28th April, 2024 @ 02:00