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Guys Cliffe House

Guys Cliffe House

About Guys Cliffe House

Guys Cliffe House.

Has a long and varied history so there is plenty to love about it… especially as a venue for a paranormal investigation.

From its humble beginnings as a secluded place of worship, a family home, a hospital to a World War II Boys Home, Guys Cliffe has seen it all…

With so much history, what spirits still reside here?  Whose ghosts lurk in the eerie areas of this once beautiful house?

Guys Cliffe House has had a number of owners who have considered this their home.  Who were they?  What was their role in the history of this place?

If walls could talk, what stories would they tell?

Guys Cliffe is now a partial ruin but would once have been a magnificent house with stunning scenery.  There are even caves to explore… where hermits are reputed to have lived in bygone years.

The name Guys Cliffe, derives its name from the legendary Guy of Warwick. Guy is supposed to have retired to a hermitage on this site, this legend led to the founding of a chantry in 1423 and the rock-carved stables and storehouses still remain.

The house has had many uses and notably a hospital during World War I and in the World War II became a school for evacuated children. Guy’s Cliffe estate was broken up and sold in 1947. The new owner of the house intended to convert it into a hotel, but these plans came to nothing and the house fell into disrepair. The steady and sad decline of this historic site is now the romantic partial ruin we see today.

If you love varied history, architectural beauty and the paranormal this is the perfect venue for you to visit.



Guys Cliffe House

Coventry Road
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Guys Cliffe House

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Guys Cliffe House

Guys Cliffe House – 22nd March 2024

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