What is SpiritWorld?

There is more to life than just the daily grind and you deserve time out to let your body and soul reconnect. Sometimes you just need to find time and invest it in yourself.

Our aim is to provide you with the opportunity to do just that. We know that your time is precious so we are developing a range of talks, demonstrations and workshops that are interactive and totally customer focused. Spirit World will offer evenings, half days and full day events so you can take as much or as little time as you need to re connect your body, mind and soul.

Our events are interesting, stimulating and cover a wide range of topics and will only be available in the East Midlands. We only work with experienced, professional, and dedicated speakers and coaches to deliver affordable quality events and activities where the focus is very much on you.

Our concept is simple: to deliver quality events, which are affordable, and customer focused, where like-minded people with an interest in the natural and spiritual world can meet, relax and enjoy quality time in themselves.

Spirit World

Spirit World is a new, innovative company established by Gillian Hibbert & Michele Smith founders of events company Haunted Heritage (2011).

Whilst developing Haunted Heritage, our guests enjoyed and trusted the quality of Mediumship incorporated into the events along with the explanations, which questioned and considered the connections with the spirit world.

Following on from the interest and demand from our guests, we took the time to explore what type of events were currently on offer for those who would like to improve their knowledge or develop their psychic skills. This research has enabled us to create our very own ‘bespoke’ range of talks, demonstrations and workshops that we feel will be able to offer both a unique and exceptional opportunity for our customers.

Sister companies

Haunted Heritage & Spirit World

Spirit World and Haunted Heritage are sister companies offering quality events for both the paranormal and spiritual development.

We understand that there is a difference between the two areas but also appreciate the overlap, which is what makes Spirit World a unique experience.


Our events will appeal to those who have an interest in Mediumship, would like to awaken their spiritual and psychic abilities, have already started their personal development journey or just have an interest in the subject. Everyone is welcome.

We will give our guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in a wide selection of talks, workshops, and demonstrations on many aspects of the natural and spiritual world along with overnight retreats and special events.

Spirit World will work with professional, experienced, and well-regarded instructors, delivering affordable and customer-focused events in Leicestershire.

The subjects we will cover will range from psychic, spiritual and personal development, intuition, divination, crystals, regression, reiki, reading auras plus a range of holistic and natural therapies. We will also continue to work with our family of mediums delivering our popular psychic events across Leicestershire.
These talks, demonstrations and workshops will be very much about the customer’s experience. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we have researching and planning them.

Mediums, Coaches and Guides

Sherryann Worth

My purpose in life is to reconnect people and loved ones in the spirit world back together...

Yvonne Fielding

I am a natural psychic spiritual medium based in Nottinghamshire. Working within the psychic...

Bernicia Tonge

I am a natural psychic spiritual medium based in Leicestershire. 
As a child I had...

Pete Barry

I am Leicestershire based and work as a spiritual medium, psychic and clairvoyant to bring you...

Shirley Blyth

My name is Silver, and I have worked as a medium for many years.
I began my journey at...

Cathy O'Driscoll

I am a psychic tarot reader and attuned Reiki healer, with many years experience.
I work a...

Stacey & Rob Deeacon

Rob and Stacey Deacon are a husband and wife team who have been serving the Spiritual community...

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