Smethwick Baths, West Midlands – March 2017

History of Smethwick Baths

Smethwick is listed in the Domesday Book, witnessed the dissolution of the monasteries and the loss of its abbey, and experienced horrific living conditions with foul water and a major small pox epidemic in 1883.
Post World War I the Thimblemill Baths were built and opened on 3 March 1933 to provide a safe healthy environment as a seasonal swimming facility then an events venue for dances, boxing and bands.

Just a few years later would see the start of world war II and Smethwick bombed, the tunnels and cellars would provide a safe heaven during these air raids. Sadly 80 people lost their lives during the raids with the injured, sick or dead brought to the baths.

The atmosphere particular in the lower section of the site is especially oppressive and eerie with emotions heightened by the original drawings and posters still on the walls left from this particular era.

Thimblemill Road also saw arrivals of troop from the U.S.A being stationed round the corner from the baths. This is information is very pertinent when on your investigation.

After World War II had finished the baths started to see happier, exciting times with bands such as the Kinks and the Beetles playing here.

So, what lies beneath?
Paranormal activity here is not just the odd reported sighting. There have been many reports of apparitions throughout the venue, which is deceptively large. Apparition of an airman have been seen along with a little girl (seen on our first visit by our medium) Strange light phenomenon and unexplained smells of perfume have also been witnessed.

Don’t let the name or use of this venue today put you off it has many layers of history and paranormal activity. Come and join the Haunted heritage team as we embark on the amazing investigation below the building..

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