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Paranormal Investigation, Guildhall, Leicester

Paranormal Investigation, Guildhall, Leicester


Leicester Guildhall is a Grade I listed building and one of the oldest buildings used today. The Great Hall was Built in 1390 as the Guild of Corpus Christi meeting place (a small group of businessmen and gentry with religious connections). The Guildhall is one of the best-kept, well-preserved timber-framed halls in the entire country.

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What To Expect

History at its finest!

In 1632, the town’s public library moved to the east wing of the Guildhall. One extinguished item that remains at the Library includes the New Testament in Greek from the 15th century. It is also reputed that William Shakespeare appeared here in the late 16th century.

Over the years, the Guildhall has had many uses. Between 1876 and the 1900s, It was Leicester’s first police station, with many criminals passing through the doors and sentences passed for the petty crimes.

Other uses for this magnificent building included it being used as a school, however, the building was becoming extremely run down and dilapidated, and by the 1920s, there was talk of demolishing the building. Purchased by Leicester City Council, it reopened its doors as a public museum in 1926.

Ghost of Leicester Guildhall.

Classed as Leicester’s most haunted building. Resident ghosts include the mysterious white lady who makes her presence felt in the library. However, many believe it’s not a lady but a monk. Let’s remember that there used to be the Old Grey Friars monastery only 300 yards from the Guildhall, so maybe there may be some truth in the sighting being that of a monk!

Who still haunts the impressive hall

There is so much history to the Guildhall. There is no question that it’s haunted, but that’s what the public has been saying since it opened its doors as a museum.

Wander through the large, cold, empty rooms and soak up the atmosphere of this very atmospheric building.

With many ghost stories, this is the ideal location for a paranormal investigation.

Why not join us on our ghost hunt and see who you will meet? Experience this magnificent timber-framed building for yourself and be a part of discovering who those ghosts are!


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Key Moments

Guildhall Leicester. 'What lies beneath' Come an join the Haunted Heritage team as we investigate this haunted location. Not to be missed
Demonstration of investigative equipment with Paranormal, experienced Investigators.
A chance to explore and experiment around the building with paranormal equipment.
Complimentary refreshments are served throughout the evening.

About the Area

Leicester Guildhall
Guildhall Lane, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE1 5FQ
Amidst the cobbled streets of Leicester, a place of antiquity and enigma beckons – the 14th century Leicester Guildhall. This timeworn structure stands as a relic of ages past, its hushed corridors and echoing chambers concealing secrets that whisper through the corridors of time. As twilight descends, the Guildhall’s ancient timbers seem to groan under […]