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Ghost Hunt Swadlincote. Gresley Old Hall

Ghost Hunt Swadlincote. Gresley Old Hall


Ghost Hunt Gresley Old Hall It doesn’t get better than this! its derelict, cold, dark and atmospheric and hasn’t been lived in for years.

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What To Expect

Our Ghost Hunt Swadlincote at the amazing Gresley Old Hall.

Paranormal Investigators have been flocking to Gresley for years and for good reason.

This building dates to around 1556 and built for Sir Christopher Alleyn. The materials used to construct this beautiful building were those of the demolished Gresley Priory which stood on this site.

Does Sir Christopher still live here? Are there any spirits of the monks from the original priory? 

Gresley Old Hall has a notoriously spooky atmosphere, with creaky floorboards, winding staircases and long, dark, unforgotten rooms. This location will not leave you disappointed.

Famous for its hauntings, who still haunts this magnificent Grade II listing building?

This is one of the oldest buildings in South Derbyshire and has a secret to tell… and as one of the most haunted buildings in England, it is ideal for a paranormal investigation!

So why not join us on our ghost hunt at Gresley Old Hall? Experience the historical significance of this stunning house for yourself!

What spirits will you meet and who still haunts the Old Hall at Gresley?

Use our paranormal investigating equipment to help you to uncover the mysteries of the ghosts of Gresley.


Key Moments

There has been a mixture of reported activity at this location from monks, to young children, maids and farm workers….and the occasional dark entity.
An apparition of a lady, said to be the ghost of a maid that burned to death by a fire, has been witnessed by many.
During investigations guests have experienced hearing footsteps when no one was there, loud bangs, hair been pulled and people have been touched.
On our last investigation, Gill felt the presence of a spirit who was making her feel cold.  Our thermal imagining camera detected that her whole body was cold (shown in blue) and the guest standing next to her was warm (shown in red)...
So what OR WHO was making Gill so cold??  Check out the gallery to see those pictures?  What do YOU think??

About the Area

Gresley Old Hall
Old Hall Gardens, Church Gresley, Swadlincote, , Derbyshire,
Shrouded by the mist that clings to the landscape, stands Gresley Hall – one of the most haunted places in the UK. This once-grand manor exudes an air of ancient mystery, its very foundations steeped in the whispers of horrific tales. On the second floor there is a derelict room which reputedly hosts the lost […]

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