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Ghost Hunt – Selly Manor

Ghost Hunt – Selly Manor


Ghost Hunt – Selly Manor

Exclusive to Haunted Heritage

Birmingham Selly Manor. Ghost Hunt at the magnificent Selly Manor. Whose spirits with you discover within it’s walls? What secrets do the ghosts of Selly Manor House have to share? Does the spirit of George Cadbury reside here?

Visitors and adventurers alike are drawn to Selly Manor, lured by its promise of a rendezvous with the unknown. Is it the residual energy of those who once called this place home that lingers, or something else entirely? The boundaries of reality blur, and the past converges with the present in an intricate dance of shadows and light.

With ample ghostly sightings and paranormal activity, we know this is an exciting venue and we hope that you will join us to find out more!

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What To Expect

Ghost Hunt – Selly Manor

Do not miss our Ghost Investigation at the amazing Selly Manor, Birmingham.

This building is a fascinating venue with over 500 years of history to investigate.  This venue becomes even more intriguing because it has been in two locations with several different names.

Who still haunts the idyllic cottages?

With centuries of history and families who have considered this beautiful building their home, it is well worth a visit… but after dark, this place has a different atmosphere.

What lies beneath?

In 1907, The Rookery was sold by auction, and George Cadbury, the owner of the famous Cadbury chocolate factory, purchased it. George had the building demolished brick by brick and rebuilt in Bourneville.

So, does the spirit of George Cadbury reside here? 

We know this is an exciting venue with great ghostly sightings and paranormal activity, and we hope you will join us to learn more! EVPs of disembodied voices, tables moving on their own, and items being knocked out of guests hands.. this is what you sign up for!

What secrets do the ghosts of Selly Manor House have to share?

Our experienced team knows you will use our equipment and venture in search of the spirits who still live here.

If you a paranormal enthusiast, then take a look at Tamworth Castle or Highbury Hall  You won’t be disappointed with either venue!




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Key Moments

Exclusive to Haunted Heritage, Join us at Selly Manor!
Use of ghost hunting equipment, including EMF Meters, K2 Meters, etc.
Experiments include glass divination, table tipping and Ouija boards.
Ghost hunting vigils and seances
Haunted Heritage will provide complementary refreshments and snacks throughout the evening.

About the Area

Selly Manor Museum
Maple Road, Bournville, Birmingham, United Kingdom , B30 2AE
Ghost Hunt – Selly Manor Nestled amidst the shadows of Bournville, a quaint and tranquil village on the outskirts of Birmingham, stands a relic of times long past – Selly Manor. Its timeworn, timber-framed façade, weathered by the centuries, exudes an air of mystique that draws the curious and the bold. Whispers of forgotten tales […]

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