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Ghost Hunt Newstead Abbey

Ghost Hunt Newstead Abbey


Nottingham Ghost Hunt Newstead Abbey. Many ghosts have been seen at Newstead Abbey. One entity called the Rose Lady, has been seen many times

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What To Expect

Nottingham Ghost Hunt Newstead Abbey.

Our Ghost Hunt at the fantastic Nottingham Newstead Abbey!  Are you brave enough?

Newstead was built in the 12th Century as a monastic Abbey with over 800 years of history.  However, it retains its original medieval characteristics and is a beautiful place to visit.

Could you help us discover whose ghosts still reside here?  

Newstead was also home to the famous poet Lord Byron, and you can wander through his private apartments, the Victorian kitchen and room displays.

Who is the “White Lady” who has been seen walking the gardens?  And who is the “Rose Lady”?  Why do their spirits remain here?

Come and walk through the chilling rooms and soak up the atmosphere of this once-busy house.  It takes on a new feel when darkness falls, and the lights go out!

Will you hear those “bumps in the night”?  Will you see ghostly figures wandering the grounds or get goosebumps from the eerily cold rooms?

With many ghost stories, this is the ideal location for a paranormal investigation… what does Halloween have in store for the team as they investigate the Abbey?

Why not join us on our ghost hunt and see who you will encounter? 

Experience this magnificent medieval building for yourself and discover the families who once considered the house their home.  Then, use our paranormal equipment to see what phenomena you can capture!


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Key Moments

Many ghosts have been seen at Newstead Abbey.
One of the ghosts seen on the grounds over the years is the “White Lady”. She is called the White Lady because she is always seen wearing a white dress. Her ghost is seen in Newstead’s expansive gardens.
Another ghost seen at the Abbey is called the “Rose Lady”. This entity is seen in a passageway at the bottom of the staircase. When the Rose Lady appears, she is always accompanied by the scent of roses or lavender that lingers after she disappears.
Lord Byron himself reported seeing a ghost in one of the Abbey’s bedchambers. He was sleeping in a room called the Rook Cell when he was startled out of a sound sleep by the sensation that something had entered the bed with him. As he sat up he spotted a featureless, dark mass that had glowing red eyes. He watched as this form rolled off his bed and disappeared as it hit the floor.

About the Area

Newstead Abbey
Ravenshead, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire , NG15 8NA
Newstead Abbey was formerly an Augustinian priory, founded by Henry II of England in 1170 as one of the many penances he paid following the murder of Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Becket. The building was converted to a family home in 1539 as part of the Dissolution of the Monasteries, with the monks throwing the […]

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