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Ghost Hunt – Matlock Pavilion

Ghost Hunt – Matlock Pavilion


Ghost Hunt – Matlock Pavilion

Are there any spirits still dancing here?  Was this a place that held fond memories for them?

This site takes on a very different feel when the light goes out and is exceptionally spooky. Ghostly figures are often seen at this location, and there is a feeling of being watched everywhere you go; visitors have been pulled and pushed with strange, disembodied voices from the empty halls.

When darkness falls, let the Pavilion transport you back in time…

Derbyshire Ghost Hunt Matlock. Grand Pavilion. Theatres are renowned for their hauntings and this venue has it all.

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What To Expect

Ghost Hunt – Matlock Pavilion

Derbyshire Ghost Hunt Matlock – Our Ghost Hunt at the fantastic Matlock Pavilion in Derbyshire!

The Grand Pavilion in Matlock Bath was built in 1910 for tourists.  People visiting the beautiful town of Matlock used to arrive on excursion trains from all over England and move around the area by horse drawn carriage.

The Pav (as this building is affectionately known as) was the perfect venue to events and entertainment!

So who still wanders the Matlock Pavilion?  And why are they here?

When you enter the pavilion, you cannot help but be blown away by the dancefloor of the building.  An area that would once have been bustling with people, a place of happiness and excitement!  A place that tourists would have flocked to!

Are there any spirits still dancing here?  Was this a place that held fond memories for them?

Soak up the atmosphere of this once thriving building.  Take time to appreciate why the local people of Matlock wanted to save it when it was threatened by sale.

When darkness falls, let the Pavilion transport you back in time…

Who will you sense following you around this location? 

With many ghost stories, this is the ideal location for a paranormal investigation.  Use our paranormal investigation equipment and see what activity you can experience!

Why not join us on our ghost hunt and see who you will encounter?  Experience this magnificent building for yourself and be a part of discovering the history of the venue! Take a look at  Highbury Hall,
Ghost Hunt – Strutts Haunted School House



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Key Moments

Theatres are renowned for their hauntings.
The Grand Pavilion is no exception. Two workmen were killed during its construction and are said to be the cause of the poltergeist activity in the Dome.
Heavy breathing, footsteps, children giggling, a malevolent spirit and apparitions have also been reported throughout the venue.
Names are coming through and information is being researched and checked by the Matlock Pavilion Team for verification.

About the Area

The Grand Pavilion
South Parade, Matlock Bath, Matlock , Derbyshire, United Kingdom , DE4 3NR
Ghost Hunt – Matlock Pavilion Amidst the beauty of Matlock Bath in the UK, stands ‘the Pav’ (as this building is known locally) – the Grand Pavilion. A silent sentinel of forgotten elegance, its opulence is now veiled in an air of unsettling mystery. Once a beacon of revelry and celebration, this majestic structure now […]

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