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Air Museum South Yorkshire

Air Museum South Yorkshire


Our initial site visit, both team investigators were highly emotional. Getting out of the car, our psychic medium was so blown away by the information she was picking up, it came out of nowhere! The residual energy of attachment to the aircraft was described as ‘Full on.’

On entering the hangar, another team investigator started feeling sadness and cry! What is going on here? Another section of this building, our medium saw spirit of a man dressed in uniform and wiping his hands on a dirty rag. This was not a residual haunting… as he answered to the name of Frank.

If our team members picked this up within 10 minutes of being on-site, what awaits us on a full investigation?

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What To Expect

Air Museum South Yorkshire

Ghost Hunt at this fantastic airfield museum in South Yorkshire.

Based on the former RAF Doncaster site, the South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum hosts a vast collection of aircraft and helicopters from the first years of flight up to the modern day. Dedicated to preserving and displaying the aviation history of South Yorkshire and other areas.

What lies Beneath? 

As well as an extensive aircraft collection, the museum has various displays, including the most comprehensive exhibit dedicated to the Falklands War in the UK as well as WWII ‘Operations Room’ Recreation, look inside an RAF Fighter Operations control room at the height of the Battle of Britain, 1940.

So, What about Residual haunting at the Air Museum South Yorkshire

With so many aircraft on public display

Imagine walking into a space that once held significant energy – a heightened occurrence, if you will! Energy imprints, or hauntings, are caused by intense emotional energy. Now imagine walking around this site with all this history. Is it oozing residual energy from traumatic events?

Who still resides here? At this fantastic Air Museum South Yorkshire. Do the pilots still roam these hangers?

Whoever it is, do they still feel connected to the artefacts or aircraft?

On entering a hanger, our medium clearly saw the spirit figure of a man dressed in uniform and wiping his hands on a dirty rag; he answered to the name Frank. Who is Frank? Do not miss this fantastic opportunity to join us!

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If you are visiting during the day, Come and Visit this fantastic museum.


Upcoming Events for Air Museum South Yorkshire

Key Moments

EVENT INCLUDES: Use ghost hunting equipment, including EMF Meters and K2 Meters.
Experiments include glass divination, table tipping and Ouija boards.
Ghost hunting vigils and seances.
Haunted Heritage will provide complimentary refreshments and snacks throughout the evening.

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