Gresley Old Hall – Swadlincote. March 2017

Gresley Old Hall is a 16th Century, Grade II listed building reputed to have been built in 1556 for Sir Christopher Alleyn out of the materials of the demolished Gresley Priory which date back to the 1100’s. The house in its present form was built in 1734, replacing the original hall constructed in 1556. The current house has an array of floors, some of which have not been touched since the 19th Century and in the top most attics Victorian graffiti can still be seen on the lime wash walls. Over the years the rural setting of the hall has changed as land has been sold off and the Hall was bought by the Coal Board in 1953 to make it into a Minors Welfare which opened in 1964.
This location is a popular site for paranormal investigators due to its intriguing past. An apparition of a lady, said to be the ghost of a maid that burned to death by a fire, has been witnessed. There have been reports of noises of people who have worked there, hair has been pulled and people have been touched. The middle floor has 6 back to bare eerie rooms to investigate. With the land holding so much history and reports of activity captured in every room, there is little question that this makes for a gem of a spooky location.
Group members will have the opportunity to use a comprehensive range of paranormal investigative equipment such as dousing rods, EMF meters, ‘Ghost Boxes’ (record voice phenomena) as well as participate in séances, glass divination and table tipping sessions.

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