Everyone has a Ghost Story...

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Do you believe in ghosts?

Do you believe in ghosts?

Haunted Heritage are a long running paranormal investigation group based in the Midlands.

For years, we have visited venues around the County, discovering the history and heritage of the sites, as well as investigating numerous ghostly goings-on.  And believe me when I say, the team have encountered many strange experiences that simply cannot be explained.  We are firm believers in the paranormal… else why would we do what we do?

But not everybody is a believer… many of us are non-believers and this belief can only be altered if presented with strong,  hard evidence to prove that there are spirits and ghosts among us.

However, most of us, believers or not, have had an experience which simply cannot be explained.  We can all recall a time when we have doubted our senses.  “Did I just see someone out of the corner of my eye?“Was there somebody standing behind me?”.  “Were those footsteps I heard?”.  The human brain will require you to investigate.  We will often find a reasonable explanation but what if we don’t?  Then what are we left with?  No hard evidence.  Is this paranormal?

Everybody has a Ghost Story.  What’s Yours?

The Haunted Heritage Team invites all along to our investigations to help you to find the evidence you need.  We allow our guests to use our equipment, to use their heightened senses to see what they can capture.  So whether you believe, whether you are a sceptic or if you remain “on the fence”, our events are perfect for you.

Our ghost hunts and ghost walks are all about you!  What will you uncover?  What you will encounter and who can you discover.  Do you believe in ghosts?  

Our venues are heritage sites and packed full of history and we spend hours researching our findings so that we can clarify what our guests bring to us.

Check out some of our events and join us for a great night of paranormal investigation!