Beaumanor Hall – January 2017

Beaumanor Hall is situated on the on the edge of Charnwood Forest in Leicestershire, the history of the estate can be traced back to the Norman conquest in 1066 and since has been owned by several influential and noble families.

Over the years the various owners of the Beaumanor estate have been closely associated with the throne of England. The most infamous owner was Lord Leonard Grey, uncle to Lady Jane Grey.

In 1595 the famous Leicestershire Herrick family bought the estate and set about its renovation. Over the next 344 years of ownership, the Herrickā€™s redeveloped the hall, which houses a vast labyrinth of cellars, sweeping oak staircase and servants attic accommodation and numerous estate buildings.

William Herrick VII (1794-1876) bought the bed that is reputed to have been King Richard III bed from the Blue Boar Inn in Leicestershire and fashioned a room around it, He married Sophia Christie, 37 years his junior in 1862. William died in the bar room in the arms of his wife, following a riding accident, Sophia out lived him by a further 40 years and eventually died in 1915.

During World War II the hall was requisitioned by the War Office and used as a training center then solely as a Military Intelligence Listening Station, this was top-secret work helped break the German Enigma Code and brought the end of the war to a quicker end. Information about this work is still restricted.

There have been numerous sightings and reported paranormal activity throughout the hall and estate. People have reported hearing footsteps and doors opening only to find no one there. A Victorian lady has been sighted in the grounds and a male entity in the cellar. Whilst visiting the site we experienced a female called Martha saying Hello in the cellars, a male presence following us in the attic and light phenomena captured on the camera.

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