Ancient High House, Stafford – March

What an amazing place…
One of the largest surviving timber framed town houses in England and was probably built around 1595, during the reign of Elizabeth I.

The house has had many uses, a hide out for Charles 1 during the English Civil War as well as becoming a prison for the gentry at a later date, a family home to mayors of stafford, apothecary, physicians and surgeons. In 1811 part of the house became a boarding school for your ladies and 1825 the house was converted into several shops which led to arrival of John Marston in 1827 till 1908 who has become a long standing resident.. shall we say since.

The Ancient High House has a notorious paranormal history but has rarely permitted public access after hours. It has appeared in several well known UK televised programmes, staff have experienced and witnessed unusual phenomenon on a regular basis. Even whilst carrying out exploratory testing during daylight hours one Haunted Heritage team member experienced two bizarre phenomenons which could not be explained.

The most infamous mass sighting was alleged in 1960 when a party of American visitors claimed to to have been a guided tour of the house by the resident ship keeper. On returning with friends they discovered that house was an uninhabited ruin. When shown a picture of William Marston who had owned the shop within the high house in 1890 the Americans claimed he and their guide were that of the same person.

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