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Welcome to the Haunted Heritage website. We provide hands on customer focused paranormal events and walks around unique heritage sites. Please have a look at our events as there is something to suit anyone with an interest in the paranormal.

Heritage Sites

  • pickford-house1

    Pickford’s House – Derby

    Ranking Derby as one of the country’s top paranormal hotspots. Staff that work here have experienced many unexplained things.. doors that open and close on there own, footsteps in empty corridors and ghost sighting include a small boy peering out
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  • Hand Picture

    Psychometry development circle & and evening talk on the Paranormal

    Ever wondered what a ghost is? What is residual energy to a ghost hunter? The Haunted Heritage team are often asked so many questions about the paranormal that we have decided to dedicate an evening to answering your most probing
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  • DMH2

    Donington Manor House

    There are many ghosts at Donington Le Heath Manor House. A housemaid has been seen flitting about and also a man of 17th Century appearance with a tall brimmed hat, thought to be the shade of Sir Everard Digby. During
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  • image (2)

    Gresley Old Hall, Swadlincote

    This location is a popular site for paranormal investigators due to its intriguing past. An apparition of a lady, said to be the ghost of a maid that burned to death by a fire, has been witnessed. There have been
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    Oakhouse – West Bromwich

    With over 400 years of history and generation upon generation living here there is no wonder that this building holds on to so much paranormal activity. From strong apparitions seen in daylight through to disembodied voices being heard, objects moved, visitors
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    Strelley Hall – Nottingham

    This beautiful building has housed many owners and servants and bore witness to periods of violence, desperation, loss and loneliness. Each area has a story to tell from the Panelled Room, Castle Room down into the tunnels and dungeons. With
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    NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM! Derby Museum & Art Gallery

    As experienced paranormal investigators we know that all objects tell a story and can retain energy, here you will be surrounded by residual energy, lots of it. During our initial walk through we encountered ‘very’ strong areas of energy, experienced
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  • Ancient High House2

    HALLOWEEN! Ancient High House, Stafford

    What an amazing place... The Ancient High House has a notorious paranormal history but has rarely permitted public access after hours. It has appeared in several well known UK televised programmes, staff have experienced and witnessed unusual phenomenon on a regular
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